"Legalities of Love" offers a light hearted evening of entertainment.
-Tom Titus, HB Independent
World Premiere
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The Legalities of Love takes us into the life of John Stapleton, a single man who shares his home with his mother, sister and a boarder named Caroline. Sparks and accusations fly when Caroline finds out that Michael, the new roommate who is just moving into the house, is the same person with whom she had a car accident earlier that day. Furious, Caroline makes her displeasure known, much to the devilish delight of John. Adding to all of the zaniness is a bubbly next-door neighbor Julie, and Alex, the blind date for Caroline who may have his sights set elsewhere. Hilarity ensues, but thanks to John's carefully laid plans and the help of his sister Sammy, this fresh, new romantic comedy has a happy ending for all.

The Legalities of Love is a family-friendly show with something for everyone young and old to enjoy!

An Original Play by Jeffrey Krueger. World Premiere Held at Huntington Beach Playhouse, November 2007.
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