"Legalities of Love" offers a light hearted evening of entertainment.
-Tom Titus, HB Independent
World Premiere
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Tom Titus, Huntington Beach Independent

"Jeffrey Krueger's light bouncy comedy is old in its sense of style and storytelling, but brand new in its characterization ... The Legalities of Love offers a lighthearted evening of entertainment."

Eric Eberwein, Orange County Playwrights Alliance

"The Legalities of Love is that rare bird: a fresh, contemporary play written to order for theatre, a comedy that generates waves of laughter and reacquaints an audience with the power of love."

"A play with heart and plenty of humor, and real people relating to one another in real time. This one is made to order… this is a sterling example of an intelligent, mainstream comedy with memorable character and a crowd-pleasing ending."

An Original Play by Jeffrey Krueger. World Premiere Held at Huntington Beach Playhouse, November 2007.
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