"Legalities of Love" offers a light hearted evening of entertainment.
-Tom Titus, HB Independent
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History of the Play

The first draft was finished. Jeff worked on fine tuning the play. After several rewrites and critiques from fellow actors, writers, and directors, "Legalities of Love" was ready for its first read-thru with actors. Jeff invited several friends who have stage, television, and film experience to come to his home and read the play. With the notes and positive feedback received from that reading, Jeff went back and began to revise and edit the play. It was very helpful to get a real sense of the pacing and flow by having people say the lines. Dialogue was refined, characters solidified and the character of Kelly was taken off stage entirely and a new ending written.

The next step was to hold a staged reading. After sending the manuscript out to several theatres, Newport Theatre Arts Center in Newport Beach, California said they would be interested in hosting. Amy Glinskas was brought in to direct and many of the actors who had participated in the first read-thru were asked to reprise their roles. On June 23rd, 2007 the reading was held. The audience's response in the question and answer period after the reading was very positive.

An Original Play by Jeffrey Krueger. World Premiere Held at Huntington Beach Playhouse, November 2007.
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