"Legalities of Love" offers a light hearted evening of entertainment.
-Tom Titus, HB Independent
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History of the Play

Jeffrey Krueger has been involved in Community Theatre for several years and noticed that a small core of plays were being staged over and over again. Certainly there were new shows put in production, but generally most theatres were staging the "old favorites." Jeff realized that many patrons enjoyed lighter "fun" plays. They seemed to really respond to comedies and shows that allowed you to look into the lives of the characters. Jeff enjoyed this too, and the first spark of an idea for "The Legalities of Love" formed in his mind.

Jeff began building a foundation for the story; filling pages with ideas, characters, situations and scraps of dialogue. With the characters being the main focus of the manuscript, Jeff worked hard to make sure each character was unique and had their own voice. As the characters took shape, he worked on creating a fun and entertaining story with some surprises, twists, and laughs. A healthy dose of sarcastic wit and genuine warmth rounded out the cast. A couple of characters were added and even though they never even set foot on stage, they still have an impact on the show. Before he knew it, the play was written.

An Original Play by Jeffrey Krueger. World Premiere Held at Huntington Beach Playhouse, November 2007.
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