"Legalities of Love" offers a light hearted evening of entertainment.
-Tom Titus, HB Independent
World Premiere
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The Legalities of Love is Jeff's first full length play. He wanted to write a play that people could relate to; something that an entire family could find entertaining and would get a few laughs together. He felt that there wasn't enough family entertainment available and wrote the play with that especially in mind. Jeff hopes to one day soon see The Legalities of Love published and staged by other companies in theatres across the country.

" When I'm asked where I got the inspiration for the characters and story, I say that the people in the play are all around us. They're our family or friends. Situations like these are happening in living rooms all across the country."

"I really enjoy creating characters and envisioning in my mind how they would react. But there's nothing like seeing actors take the characters I've written and make them come to life on stage or in front of the camera. Often times they bring in nuances and interpretations that I didn't expect and makes it all the more enjoyable for me as I become not just the writer, but a member of the audience watching the drama unfold."

An Original Play by Jeffrey Krueger. World Premiere Held at Huntington Beach Playhouse, November 2007.
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